First morning of shark week my body just dun curr.

I was late for work because I slept through the alarm and through my mother trying to wake me. I vaguely remember answering my mother's wake-up and then I apparently just kept sleeping. An hour later someone called me because of a thing next week and I woke up to answer it.

I thought I was going to be half an hour late for work. but then my cowerker hadn't come in today (I though she was gonna, tho originally she wasn't gonna, so maybe I got it mixed up) so I was a whole hour late. and then my boss called. and sent a text. and now everything sucks.

yay, chocolate. this new sandwich they have at the canteen was pretty okay, too.

special hate points to when I can sleep how long I want and moone tyme sneaks up on me (I was prepared this time) and I wake up to blood all over the place. like last time. at my friend's place. on his mattress. which didn't have a mattress guard thing.