First thing’s first, I live at home with my parents in a townhouse. We have this shitbag of a man-child neighbor. I wrote about him back in December because this fucker indirectly caused my mom to go to the ER due a potentially stress-related seizure that she had because of this dude’s inconsiderate nature. Basically, he’s a 30-year-old dude living in this townhouse that his parents basically bought him. Fun fact: his parents live in the neighborhood, on a different street. I don’t think he has a job. He’s literally home all day, apparently playing video games and watching movies. See, he has subwoofers installed like all over his house. When we first moved here last year, the bass sound was out of control. My parents first played nice and kindly asked him to keep it down, but even when he said he would, he didn’t. Then he stopped answering the door if we rang. He had this crazy girlfriend who yelled at my mom for harassing them whenever the sound was too loud. My parents weren’t harassing anyone; they just wanted the noise to stop, so they would ring the bell to ask him to turn it down.

So we got the home owner’s association and stuff involved and even called the police once, but they couldn’t do anything. The HOA were a fucking joke at first. They would “fine” him $25 if we reported to them but said they couldn’t do anything unless they could gauge a sense of how loud the bass sound would be in our house, but in order to do that, he would have to comply and let them come in to his house to check his sound system. He never responded to any of their requests.

Well anyway, the whole neighborhood pretty much knows about this situation and we’ve had a lot of compassionate people try to support us. There’s some new people on the board, and they’ve helped a lot. The noise has gone down significantly. However, it’s still there once in a while. And the worst is that he plays his games/movies upstairs at night, and unfortunately, I hear it at least every other night since my room is adjacent to the room he uses, I guess. Just rumbling and mumbling. It really gets to you. It makes sleeping hard sometimes. And it goes on at 11pm-7am, literally any time during that period, he might be up with his fucking sound system on.

It’s just so bothersome. I fucking hate this guy. I don’t hold a lot of hate for actual people I know, but I HATE HATE HAAAATE this guy. He’s so fucking entitled. I want to punch him in the fucking face repeatedly, and I’m not a violent person. He’s a piece of shit. He’s loud as fuck, too. He slams his front door, he pretty much yell-talks when he’s outside, etc. And his parents are shitstains because they don’t even try to apologize or get involved or tell their son to fucking stop being so inconsiderate. Oh, and also, over the summer, he would fly a drone around like at 5, 6 am and it started to bother OTHER neighbors so they reported him to HOA or whatever for that. So it’s not like he’s only a nuiscance to us or that we’re overly sensitive.

Meh, I just need to vent because I can hear his fucking noise right now.