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I Hate My Old Landlord

I'm moving for school. I applied for the perfect apartment and they want to give it to me. However, because I'm going to be a student with juuuuust enough income to pass the "income should be three times the rent cost" rule, they need rental references from my current and former landlord.

My last landlord would be more accurately described as a slumlord. No fire alarms or extinguishers. Windows painted shut. No exhaust fans in the bathroom or kitchen. Mold growing everywhere. (When we moved out I told the handyman [who has no training in plumbing or electric or anything] that I couldn't clean all of the mold growing because it was making me sick. He said "It's easy to clean mold, you just paint over it". Seriously.) When our hot water heater broke, it took the landlord two weeks to get a replacement and install it. When a former tenant pushed his way into my apartment and wouldn't leave for over an hour, the landlord refused to kick him off the premises when he came back to visit someone who still lived there because "[name] is a good guy, he just drinks too much."

Basically, he's an asshole and a shitty landlord.

So when I filled out the new apartment application I put down the office number for my old landlord. Two days later the new place's property manager called me asking for another phone number for him because the office one is disconnected. I give her his cell phone number. A week later she calls me to say she can't get a response out of him after leaving multiple messages with different ways to contact her. I tell her I'll call and text him. I do so; no response.


The property manager calls me today and says that if she can't get a reference from him by Wednesday evening she'll have to move onto the next applicant. I still can't get a hold of him. I am fucking pissed. I thought I was free of him and the fucked up things he does when I moved out, but nope. If he fucks me over in this instance I will lose my shit.

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