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I hate online classes



If I hadn’t gotten a scholarship to go back to school for free, I definitely wouldn’t be going the all-online route. There’s no way to recreate an in-class experience, there’s no facilitation of knowledge, and my instructor keeps dinging me on my writing when I’m a goddamn English teacher. Look, not saying I didn’t make mistakes and that some/most of the content feedback isn’t valuable, especially since I’m switching fields, but some of this nitpicky shit, telling me there are errors in my writing when there bloody well isn’t, is driving me up the wall. Today is my last day, and I should just let it go, but when I told her that I was using the writing support program, per her repeated suggestions, she told me it doesn’t replace human knowledge (no shit), and then gave me a sample sentence with an “error” that is perfectly correct. Could I let it go? No, I couldn’t—instead, I found examples from Oxford dictionary supporting my position.


All I want is my A-, and I have been dinged so hard on bullshit that I don’t know if that’s going to happen. My inability to this go probably isn’t helping, but dammit, don’t tell me my writing is wrong when I know it’s not.

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