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I Hate Online Classes, Pt. 2

Classes calmed down after the first one, and I was plugging along without too many issues. The one I’m in now was fine until groups had to be rearranged after people dropped out and we got a new member.

Now, I hate using Microsoft products for online collaborating. I think it’s cumbersome and ridiculous, so I ‘ve suggested to all of my groups that we use Google Drive products for collaborating on presentations and papers in real-time before downloading them to Microsoft so we can officially turn them in. It’s been SO MUCH EASIER than trying to download/upload new versions of everything. This new group member, though, had a fit about it—apparently her computer couldn’t handle Google Drive? I’ve never heard of such a thing, but of course, I said no problem, we’ll use both links and files, but she complained to the instructor anyways, and thus we all got a passive-aggressive reminder about software requirements.


I continued to use a Google Slide link and a PowerPoint file. I don’t mind putting things together, and I prefer that the others use the link.

Our instructor also smartly put us together originally by time zone, but this new member was East Coast with the worst availability—M-F work times only, no evening or weekend availability, and was going to be gone Wed-Sun night the week she joined our group, so she got left out of our group presentation. I don’t know what happened with that, but I told her there was nothing for her to do and therefore would not have her name on the presentation. That definitely did endear her to me.


This week, kind of the same thing—not unusual with the holiday, but she gave her presentation info on Tuesday, and I looked at it and said a few things needed to be changed before she left for the week. She gave me her “fixed” slide on Wednesday, but it looked exactly the same, so I made the changes myself.

She (politely) ripped me a new one today when she got back into town and online about not changing people’s work, that it’s a group presentation and I shouldn’t do that. I told her that as the leader and editor, it is my job to make the presentation is cohesive, and that I won’t turn in something that’s lacking. Then I asked her to fix something on her presentation and reupload it. What I didn’t tell her was that I’ll probably make more changes before submitting the presentation anyways because what she did to the slides I created made it worse—there are gaps in her thinking that will be easier for me to do on my own than to try to explain over a fucking online conversation thread.


I can recognize that I’m anal retentive and somewhat controlling, but I get results, and this is the first time that I’ve had anyone complain about helping make the group project better. When it comes to my grade, I don’t give a shit about bruising anyone’s ego.

Fucking online classes.

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