This is going to be a very ranty, and disorganized post, just FYI.

I am a grad student, and I am taking three courses this semester so I can get all the coursework I need to become a certified behaviour analyst when I graduate. Two of the classes are taught by a prof who does not like teaching, so decades ago he came up with a computer assisted personal system of instruction, aka-hell. I am going to give you a run down of the system so you can understand why I am so pissed.

So basically how it works is you have to read the books assigned for the semester, and answer questions for each chapter (usually 10-20 for each chapter). The chapters are grouped together into different units, then you have to write "tests" on this system for one unit at a time. A unit test consists of 3 questions from all of the questions you were responsible for answering for the unit, you have to complete the questions and submit them in 60 minutes. Then two other students in the class who have already completed the unit, correct your answers, they both have to agree that you passed on all answers to pass the test and move on to the next unit. If one peer grader decides that you didn't get a question correct, you get a "restudy" even if they other student thinks you answered them all correctly. A restudy means you have to do the test again, except you get three new questions. You also can appeal by stating why your answer was correct and then the prof looks at the appeal and decides.

So I am pissed, because I wrote a test, one grader passed it, the other gave me a restudy. Which means I have to do the test with 3 new questions again. So I did that, and then the same thing happened, one grader passed me, the other gave me a restudy. So I just wrote this unit test again for the THIRD time. One of the graders is being super picky, and while they are technically right, and my answer could be better, it really is a good enough answer. I am just so frustrated, and when I appealed one of the grades (the prof takes a look) the prof agreed that the marker was being picky, but was technically correct. I am just SO frustrated, we have an agreement among the students in the class to pass everything unless it is way off base because there are SO many things to do for this class and we are all up to our eyeballs in homework, research sessions and thesis / dissertation writing.

I am just so frustrated, I will lose it if I get a restudy on the test I just re-wrote for the third time.