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I hate Orthodox Jews

Well no, not really-that'd actually be crazy self-hating, but I've seen that sentiment bandied about lately so I wanna talk about why it's hurtful. Now, I know it shouldn't be 'cause it's hopefully not being lobbed at me but at my belief system as a whole and probably at the sorta Jews who make the nightly news in particular. But nobody ever says, "I hate Orthodox Judaism", or "I hate terrible Orthodox Jews", oh no, it's always "I hate Orthodox Jews".

And here's the thing, "I hate Orthodox Jews" means that my views are getting shut down solely because of the religion I label myself as. Not the flavor of that religion I practice, not how I interpret it, not my knowledge of the specific topic up for discussion, nor my politics, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, or my actions-nope, I'm getting shut down solely for owning up to my religious identity.


And you know what, that's not okay 'cause I'm not interchangeable with this giant amorphous belief system that comes in all sorts of flavors and colors and has millions of practitioners. I'm not intolerant just 'cause one fringe sect is awful, nor am I dumb 'cause another doesn't like education-I know this might be hard to fathom, but I don't very much like those practices either. But for me to feel like it's okay to share those opinions, it'd help to, you know, not be told that I'm hated.

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