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I hate people: a rant

So today one of my daughters classmates parents posted on facebook an event they went through today. Keeping it vague for privacy reasons their daughter had a meltdown when in line at the post office. Said melt down included self harm. This child is on the spectrum and what most people would think of as “low functioning”* She decided that since she had to deal with post office at some point so staying in line was better in the long run than leaving and coming back.

When they got back to their car someone had left a profanity laden note on the windshield. It said “Teach your fucking brats some discipline”

This adult clearly lacks compassion and empathy. And this is double rubbing me the wrong way after reading earlier this week people on GT equating autism to a lack of empathy. Often times austistic people experience so much empathy and feelings they don’t know how to express it. Sometimes, they don’t express anything and sometimes they express it in the wrong way. But they feel. Just like this girl was feeling at the post office and didn’t know how to express herself. But this person had to judge and make her parent feel like shit all because someone didn’t act the way some asshole deems acceptable. That is an example of lack of empathy. Not the overwhelmed little girl with a disability.


So there is your PSA. Don’t judge the people around you too harshly, you never know what is going on. None of us like waiting in line at the post office anyway...

*this I know is a loaded term but helps gain context. She is non verbal and may never be independent/needs 1 on 1 support.

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