You guise, halp. I am going to either burst into tears or rage. I don't want to get fired but seriously I want to rend someone right now.

My work has a problem with changing schedules at the last minute, on really important stuff that you can't miss. With my depression/anxiety stuff, I've been having appointments almost every week. I haven't been able to have one in over a month because of stuff coming up at work and forcing me to cancel. Yesterday I finally made one for tomorrow, because there was literally nothing on the work calendar so I thought it would be safe. NOPE! I got in this morning and it turns out there's a really important meeting I have to lead. I really need to go to the doctor, guys, but I don't want to tell my boss about my issues. I also don't want to just be cryptic and say I have to go to the doctor because I don't want it to be this big deal…I don't know if that makes sense.

I'm really afraid my depression/anxiety meds aren't working because after 4 weeks on them I felt AMAZING for about two weeks, and now for the last two weeks I back in the dumps. I can't get out of bed because life doesn't seem worth it. I don't know what to tell the doctor because she was so happy everything was working when I went in in my "high" state. I'm afraid I'm actually bi-polar but I don't want more appointments because I can't handle this many as it is. And let's not even talk about how much it's costing! It's almost $300 every time I go in.

I screwed up my birth control for the third time in six months and now I finally took my ring out (later than I was supposed too) and the PMS is hitting me like a freight train. I have burst into tears like six times in the last hour. I'm now having an email argument with my boss about the most stupid, random thing because he keeps insisting I am wrong about something and I am FUCKING NOT and it doesn't even affect him, I just happened to mention it because he walked by my office and asked what I was working on.


I have had 0 sex drive the last few months between depression and then depression meds, and it makes my husband really sad. Now that I screwed up my BC, I will have my period over our 1 year anniversary this weekend and also I haven't even thought about what to get him and I overslept by an hour this morning and also I gained the ten pounds that I lost back in September back again and I started my diet yesterday and diets are hard.

Okay, so honestly you really can't help me. My problem is just that I am really emotionally overwhelmed because PMS is a bitch. All of these things are no different than they were a few days ago and I wasn't having a sobbing fit then.