Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Okay, so when I'm cheating on groupthink, I go hang out on Imgur.

Except on Monday's.

Mondays, for non-imgurians, is 'red head monday' a day when people post pictures of redheads in sexualized poses (usually) onto imgur and everyone gets weird and fetish-ey.


Being a redhead sucks. In many ways, I'm glad my hair is finally turning brown as it evolves to gray. But it's amazing the things guys will ask you just because your hair has relegated you to object status in their minds. I.E. asking you loudly if the carpet matches the drapes. Which is just...weird? I guess I don't normally walk up to strangers and ask the state of their genital area. It was always tempting to return with "are you circumcised?" wait for their face to drop and then be like "OH WAIT THAT'S FUCKING INAPPROPRIATE, NOW I REMEMBER," but I was honestly afraid they'd answer.

I also frequently got lecherous smiles at work from customers when I worked retail. They would grin and tell me that "they loved redheads" because of "their fiery temper."

What the hell, dude? My hair does not actually connect to my brain. If yours does, I recommend immediate medical attention.

Reading how many people fetishize redheads and get creepy when they're online and free of judgement kinda makes me want to stay inside, only visiting groupthink, until I eventually die of old age.


*sigh* /end rant.

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