I booted my mom out of my life. Again. She’s really a toxic presence in my life and I’m tired of putting up with her shit and pretending things are ok. Most recently she decided to tell my aunt, who we barely know since finding out she existed 15 years ago, that I’m “a mess” on Facebook. On Mother’s Day she took it upon herself to call my 95-year-old grandmother with Alzheimer’s and tell her that I’m being combative. While I was there. After my grandmother told her we were there. My grandmother wasn’t even sure what or who she was talking about, but equated the description with her dead sister who she hated.

This is all because I stopped talking to her - again - after she harangued me on the phone about my life choices. She has it in her head that I’m killing myself making shit wages trying to support Mr GV. The reality is that I’m making shit wages, but he’s been carrying my ass for months. She wouldn’t hear it. I told her I didn’t want to discuss it with her and she kept going. So I told her I was going to hang up the phone and I did. She cannot mind her own business when it comes to me. It’s like knowing the details and being right is more important than us having some semblance of a relationship.

This is the same woman who still owes me $200 that she borrowed from me while I was on unemployment.

I feel better, if a little sad. Less sad than when I did the same thing over a decade ago. There’s a lot of history there (shocking, right?) and I was happier when my mom wasn’t a part of my life. I don’t like that I decided to take this measure, but I feel better. I won’t stand in her way of being a grandmother, but she isn’t doing a bang-up job at that, either. I was hoping she could get her shit together for her granddaughter like her own mother did. NOPE. She’s rigid, selfish, and narcissistic and I’m done with pretending that I can tolerate her and her bullshit. She’s probably going to live to be 90, so I may have 30 years left of her.

If you have an awesome mother cherish the shit out of her!