Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I was flipping between debate and Trump. I saw Cruz whining how others are attacking him and he got boos. I then saw Trump on stage with Santorum and Huckabee both prior Iowa caucus winners. There they were with the Trump for president sign both at Trump event. Even if Huckabee and Santorum say they are not endorsing him the photo of them next to Trump at a Trump rally, with Trump for President sign. Well that picture is pure election gold for Trump. This will be the headline for the night.

Game, set, match.

On MSNBC a reporter was talking about a woman she met. She was torn between Hillary and Trump. The reporter said Hillary was qualified but Trump is taking the system down. I am very worried about next November. I would be shocked if Trump was not the nominee. If Cruz is second in Iowa and Trump.wins NH with Cruz third and Kasich second. Establishment will back Trump. Cruz is hated too much. Also preserving Senate will be paramount. Cruz will lose the Senate. Trump maybe not too bad maybe break even. Then if Hillary wins groom Rubio for 2020 and discourage any competition.


Tonight Trump won Iowa. I am sad I wanted a bloody fight to convention but I doubt it. Trump wins Iowa he will certainly win NH and SC. Three and 0 he will have all the momentum.

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