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I hate when I lose a follower on Tumblr and have to comb through my list of followers to figure out if the one who ditched me was just a random internet stranger, one of those random porn/fashion blogs that add you for no reason, or one of the mutuals I actually care about.

I understand that Tumblr got rid of the option to see who unfollowed you to discourage harassment. But it's REALLY annoying that every time a spam blog unfollows me (and that happens pretty frequently) it takes me like 15 minutes of anxiety to make sure that my friends are still my friends.

(I'm still feeling bitter over that time a friend I had known for 8 years suddenly unfollowed me without a word and stopped replying to my messages because while chatting I dared to make an offhand mention that I liked her nOTP. For fuck's sake. 8 years of friendship and you ditch me over a disagreement on a fucking fictional pairing???).

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