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I hate you, clients

I've spent the last week diagnosing and prepping instructions to fix an issue a client has been having with one of our systems and OH MY GOD WHY DOES THIS PERSON WORK IN THE TECH INDUSTRY.

Seriously, this guy wants to run everything by his manager even though I know the company and that their IT staff is empowered to get things done so long as they fix them. Well today this pleasant gentleman CC's me on an e-mail listing the root cause of the problem and then copy and pastes my hotfix installation steps and passes it off as documentation he wrote himself. What a fucking asshole!


I was offered an interview with a major telco company today, but it's a significant pay cut and one I'm not willing to eat no matter how much I hate this job, because THAT job could suck too.

I also applied for a few jobs in Portland (and Beaverton) last night, which I highly doubt I will ever hear anything about because of how shitty the job market is up there, but I do feel like my love affair with Austin is coming to an end and I need to start a new chapter of my life.

I need a shot of whiskey and a fucking percocet or something.

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