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I'm going to lay it all on the line right now: I read Fandom!Secrets every day. I've even submitted a few secrets. I have a problem with Fandom!Secrets, however:Whenever things get political, I feel like I've stumbled onto Reddit (or 4chan on a bad day). There has recently been a kerfluffle over an anonymous poster making fun of a secret-maker's post about suicide, and then it being defended by the site's more prominent posters/trolls. No matter the intent of the joke, it's kind of a shitty thing to make fun of someone's (probably) honest post about their struggle.Just to add, in the general comment page, there was a nice little dicussion using a post from 4chan to show how SJW are really the worst.I don't know...most members of a community that goes crazy about trigger warnings wouldn't make light of someone wanting to kill themselves, which gives them a slight moral advantage.


This has really brought me to the realization that I don't really enjoy Fandom!Secrets as much as I hate-read it. The posts about things I care about are few and far between, after all, and what remains is slightly amusing at best and rage-inducing at worst.I wish I could quit it, but it's become a bit of a habit, and habits die hard.Also, this kind of stuff is everywhere, and the community on fandom!secrets is a little more tame than some other areas on the internet. Ironically, I've found tumblr, the cesspool of political correctness gone wrong,to provide a less rage-inducing fandom space. I love racebending and queer headcannons and all the fun things that people outside of tumblr think is bogus and projecting because we should only let our imagination guide us as long as a character is still a thin, white, cisgender male(or female if she's cool enough).

Anything more different would be SJW nonsense.

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