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So I just had an interview today for a position that would move me up a pay grade level and into a senior position at my job, and I didn't start worrying about my chances until after the interview. Apparently 20 people total applied for the open position, which is crazy to me because that's 20 people internally, and only one other that I know for sure is on the same team/has relevant experience. Who are the rest of these people?!


Anyway, the manager told me that the second position opened up, so it's now two senior spots instead of one. Considering that I'm already in an associate position and there's barely any difference between the two levels aside from learning different rules for basically the same job, I feel like I have a good chance. But they are saying they won't make an offer until busy season is over, which means at least a month or more before I find anything out.

Things will be fine, right? I just have to plow through busy season and whatever happens happens? Though let's be real, if my coworker gets bumped up and I don't I'm probably going to scream internally.

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