I have made this cheesecake a bunch of times. It's wonderful, and I love it, and I don't care how sick of pumpkin spiced ____ you are. That being said, I'd like to bring it to a birthday party I'm going to on Saturday. BUT! I kind of want to make it as mini cheesecakes, in cupcake tins, because they're easier for a bunch of people to eat that way. I've made mini cheesecakes in cupcake tins before, but it's always been with a recipe specifically for the cheesecake to be made that way.

Does anyone know how to scale down the baking times for a full sized cheesecake, down to little baby ones? It's easy enough to do with a regular cake, because you just keep the same temperature, and bake it for less time. But cheesecake is more complicated, because you have to cook it, then reduce it to room temp, then refrigerate. This is a link to the original recipe. Do you think I can just reduce the baking time way down?