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I have a case of the disappearing comments...

Anyone else? (Not that you'd be able to communicate it, since your comment would disappear!)

I tried to comment on Googly Eyed Plush Toy's post earlier this afternoon to share some data on American public opinion of torture, and it disappeared! Conspiracy or Kinja-fail? I can see the comment preview on my personal page, but when I click on it it takes me to the post without my comment.

In any case - here is the Washington Post article that links to the underlying data and analysis for anyone who is interested.


The rest of my comment was an attempt to capturing the assumptions and framing that can lead people to the conclusion that the EIT program was both not torture and okay even if it was torture based on conversations in my personal life with lawyers close to the program at the CIA. And then a disclaimer about how I got in an argument with the former General Counsel of the NSA (who was also a special counsel at the CIA for Hayden) about those assumptions and framing. Finally I made a joke about being on an NSA watchlist now because of said argument. And then my comment was disappeared.

I hope this works and that I don't have a case of the disappearing posts too...

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