And I am SO excited.

Do not fear, it is with the Halfpence!! I rarely have him for the weekend, because our schedule is still being tweaked and it's just not feasible at this time. But, my ex and I arranged for a weekend in January and February where I get him (and my ex gets a much-needed weekend to himself).

So, tomorrow I am taking him to the Discovery Museum in Sausalito (thanks bayareachick!). Then we are taking the ferry (first time for him) into SF. My best friend is meeting us at the ferry building. From there we will do whatever. Have a PJ party at the hotel, drink lots of wine and milk, eat lots of shrimp cocktail and Goldfish crackers. Any recommendations for good restaurants around the Embarcadero/US that are kid-friendly? I'm always going to places not really suited for kids.

My ex is renting a room in SF for a month...this SUPER awesome place (so jealous) so I will pass the kiddo off on Sunday and head back.