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Welcome To The Bitchery

This MP article reminded me.


Earlier this week we had our annual big company meeting to discuss how the previous year went and future goals. All of upper management went up one at a time : white man after white man after white man. During the Q&A section, a coworker I barely know stood up and said “I asked how the company was tackling gender disparity a while ago, and was told it was a priority. But now we see you, and there isn’t even one woman in upper management since Charlene’s gone. Don’t you think that this shows a troubling message?”


IN FRONT OF ALL 200 PEOPLE. I mean, I was thinking it, and I know other people did too, but she actually had the guts to say it.

Our VP gave a typical canned response about how they hire the best people regardless of gender, but you could tell she wasn’t satisfied. So the CEO of our corporate overlords got up and gave an answer saying that the head company had many women in senior roles and they valued and sought out female representation, and that it was something they would definitely be monitoring. It could very well have been more BS, but I was still just focusing on how ballsy (uterus-y?) she was. I just wish I was so brave.

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