First off, I am extremely grateful that I have healthcare. Even though I'm freelance, the entertainment industry provides healthcare through Anthem Blue Cross and I am so so happy I have that today because I have a lump under my breast.

I first found this lump last year. It was tiny then, barely the size of a pea. It didn't hurt. It kinda moved around and was a bit squishy. I figured it was a cyst or whatever so I didn't worry about it.

Cut to now and it's bigger-roughly the size and shape of a large black grape. And it hurts like hell. Every time I touch it, it feels like someone is stabbing it. It sits right under the underwire of my bra so that constantly rubs up against it. It's hard now, instead of squishy.

I say all this because I'm mildly panicking thinking it could be cancer. I have a family history of breast cancer-my mother had a double mastectomy when she was in her late 30s. I'm 27.

I'm going to Urgent Care after work today to get it looked at. I'm scared but so incredibly relieved that I can go to a health care center and (hopefully) figure out what it is.