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I have a problem and his name is Brother in Law

Guy posts fucked up things to Facebook all the time. I actually think his brain is broken.

He’s a super religious guy. Not my scene, but it doesn’t have to be a problem. But he makes it a problem and I kind of fear for my sister. I think I’ve mentioned before about how he writes or shares things about a wife submitting to her husband. But he’s been writing/sharing stuff about a controlling partner. These usually start out broadly enough, like ‘it takes two to make a marriage work’ but then devolves into ‘your wife is selfish if she doesn’t realize men need more sex than women.’ Umm, what? Are you telling EVERYONE ON YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS LIST that you use the bible to guilty my baby sister into having sex with you when she’s not 100% on board? I mean, it’s normal in many partnerships for one person to want to have sex more than the other (read: it isn’t always horny men vs. icy women) and sometimes this means that in order to avoid a two month dry spell, someone has to put out when their engine isn’t quite warmed up. But this is really concerning me. The idea that men NEED to have more sex because SCIENCE and GOD said women have to put out or else they’re selfish and torpedoing their marriage makes me feel sick.


I try not to take the bait as much as he puts it out there, but I do sometimes reply to his bullshit. Earlier today I wrote that sex isn’t like sharing a plate of fries. The person who is willing to trump the other person’s personal boundaries is just as selfish as the person who doesn’t want to have sex (if you believe not wanting to have sex is selfish). But it doesn’t matter how much I tell him this is seriously fucked up stuff because apparently god said he’s allowed to do whatever he wants.

How do I deal with the ragestrokes? With all the headdesks?

Bonus problem! He posted a meme (to use the term loosely) that pictured a young woman looking upset. It had a caption reading something like, ‘I have lots of friends but why do I always feel so sad and alone’. Below that image was this woman:

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So many problems here. 1) caricaturing religious black women is a PROBLEM. 2) Mental illness is something that millions of people in North America deal with – Jesus cannot and does not heal them all. Those struggling with depression, bipolar disorder and a slew of other illnesses need real medical help, not prayer. Telling them that ‘you just aren’t praying hard enough!’ or ‘you’re not loyal enough to god!’ sends the message that they are shitty people and their mental illness is their own fault because they aren’t enough like baby lambs.

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