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I have a question...

What should I take to go hang out at a hospital? I will be there from about 8am until who knows when.

One of my good friends has been in the emergency room since 3am (it is now 10pm here). She is just now being moved to a room. She was in and out of the hospital a couple of years ago for some emergency surgeries. She gets panic attacks if no one is there with her. Her husband does not get PTO. No work means no pay which means none of the excellent medical coverage they now have.

I'm going to do a day shift tomorrow until someone can tap me out. She's totally worth the little bit of PTO I have. I do have to drive an hour to get to where she is, but that's okay too. I really think she will sleep most of the time and I'll just have to pat her occasionally to keep away the panic attacks. That and doctors always seem to come talk to her about important things when no one else is there. She's so out of it on pain pills that she won't remember anything.


I've packed some fruit leather. I have a smart phone and a lap top. I'm taking my chargers because she forgot hers at home. I don't know if her husband will have a chance to get them to her. I have a spiral to write down information to pass on. A hoody because hospitals are cold to prevent infection. I'm packing a lunch tomorrow.

I haven't done this in a while and I know I'm forgetting stuff. What else should I be thinking of?

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