I generally don't like texting. I text sparingly, only with people I'm already friends with, and then only to communicate logistics and/or in situations when talking on the phone isn't feasible. Outside of those situations, I think it's kind of of intrusive, and I don't like the unspoken expectation of an immediate reply. I know I'm an old, but I feel like if someone wants my immediate attention, they can call. If I can, I'll pick up the phone and I'm usually happy to talk.

So having said that, I really don't know how to navigate texting and dating. Dudes text me, and I generally take a pretty long time to respond, unless it's something that needs an immediate answer. So what, if any, is the protocol when I get texts that are just "Hey how are ya" or my least favorite, "Hey."

Help an old lady understand what this texting thing is all about!