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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I have a question about race

Or rather, about how to address race sometimes. Yesterday, a good friend came to visit me and my husband. He's black and he's an actor and he was talking to me about his latest role and I just could not hide my horror. He'll be a gang leader with grillz and similar stuff and the whole script sounds like blaxploitative. We relate a lot because we are both not caucasian so I can tell him when I think something is racist and I expressed my rage at him only getting this kind of roles ( this is the 3rd gang leader he plays in 2 years for fuck's sake) but I feel like I was taking away at his happiness that he was getting work and that I should have shut the voices in my head and been more supportive. I mean, he saw the racism, he doesn't need me to point it out, but at least, he's getting roles and that's something positive to him. i think I just feel bad for not being supportive and want to know if you guys think I should just shut up and go yayyy what a great role in the future.


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