So random: my aunt is all upset about the election. And I get it. She asked me today if I had heard about federal tort suits. I hadn’t, but she’s seeming really energized by the idea. Basically this would be a suit against DJT, his surrogates and others who work for him arguing that their actions have caused direct harm and injury to US citizens.

Given the spate of hate crimes from the time DJT ran up through the few days post-election thus far, would thus kind of suit do anything if filed as a class action? How would she even begin to pursue this if it seemed like a viable course? She’s really interested in spreading this message and I’m curious to hear y’all’s thoughts.

ETA - I forgot an important note for those who have never heard of this. The important part of the tort suit is that it is used to protect citizens from the actions of government actors. This is why it’s huge. It’s basically a suit against the US gov or those acting on their behalf. As DJT was running for office, it would reason that he’s a gov’t actor in this case.