Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I was just reminded of my high school clarinet that I still posses. I’d been planning on selling it for whatever I could get it for, just because it’s never going to be used again. But I’m running some trouble into pricing it, and I was hoping that some of our classical musicians could maybe help me?

It’s a wooden buffet E1 clarinet, and the serial number seems to indicate that it’s from 1966? I know it was used, but that feels really old. But yet, that’s what all the guides say. The thing is, when I search, all I can find are listings for E13 and E11 clarinets, not my E1. Is it just that this is literally so worthless that no one is even bothering to sell them? It’s still in good condition, and works fine and everything.


Any additional information anyone could give me would be super appreciated!

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