Not sure if this is Kosher for Groupthink, but I figured some of you might be interested!

I hosted a radio show on my college's student-run station for six years between undergrad and grad school. In grad school, I revamped the format and gave the show a new name: Sludgefeast.

Now that's I've graduated, I've found a new home for Sludgefeast at Los Angeles' renegade art-punk radio station, KCHUNG โ€” and the first show is tonight at 10 p.m. Pacific!

KCHUNG airs over an AM signal in Downtown Los Angeles, but is available to stream online anywhere in the world via this link. If you like noisy guitar music, garage rock, punk, chicks with guitars and angry ~*~feelings~*~, sludge and whatnot, tune in! It'll be a rad time, promise.