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I have a super important meeting tomorrow morning

Seriously. It is a great big deal. Lots of business things will be discussed. I will probably be tasked with doing something new with more responsibility and more pressure than I've ever experienced before in my professional life.

So am I in bed, getting my much needed 10 hours so that I can be quick and alert when talking with my boss and my boss' boss tomorrow? No. Is the reason I'm out of bed because I'm going over the details of what I'm going to be assigned to so that I can follow the rule of the 7 P's? Nope.

Am I sitting in front of the computer, watching They Live! on Cable? Yup. Are Keith David and Roddy Piper(in all of his finest be-mulleted glory) gunning down wave after wave of aliens with assault rifles? Fuckin' Eh.


Someday, I'm fairly sure, I will not be 12 anymore. But today is not that day.

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