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I don't have a gif that captures the confusing nature of my current emotional state!!!!

On one side: my best friend in the whole entire world is getting married tomorrow, but she is halfway around the world and I am in the middle of nowhere, and I couldn't afford the last minute ticket from buttfuck nowhere to her European city for a wedding that she just finalized 3 weeks ago. So her maid of honour is at home and pouting and emailing her the toast I was going to give so it is there when she wakes up on the morning of her wedding instead.

On the other side: I just got notice that the school that I worked at last year, and totally loved, has just had a one-year posting come available for the 2013/2014 year. They gave me an advance heads-up, and the head of department told me at the end of June that there was a good chance this position would come up, and if it did, he'd essentially refuse to hire anyone but me.


GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhh. *head explodes*

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