...if anyone wants it.

So they opened a Schlotzsky's here in this little town I live in. I go to use this coupon I have that expires today. It is for a free small sandwich, 32oz drink, and chips. You have to buy the chips and drink and you get the sandwich free. Cool.

I tell the lady what the coupon says. I tell her what kind of chips and drink I want and then I tell her I want a turkey bacon club. Alright, easy enough? I thought so.

Then she asks me what kind of chips and drink I want..."Uh, the barbecue and root beer?" which is what I had just gotten done saying 20 seconds earlier, but I get it, I have those days where I'm like "What?". Then she tells me my total is 16 something. Expensive, so I figure I'll correct it at the window.

When I tell her I wanted just 1 chips and 1 drink, I had assumed she knew about the 1 sandwich as well. So she axed the 1 of the chips and 1 of the drinks, and left me with what I thought would be 1 chips, 1 drink, and 1 sandwich, which is what the coupon stated that I had already given her (and told her "I want what's on the coupon" so she wouldn't get confused again).


Nope. She axed one of the chips and one of the drink, but left me with 2 sandwiches. I had already paid her the 9 something even though I knew that was expensive, but I had been waiting and people were behind me so I just wanted to go.

Anybody want my extra turkey bacon club sandwich?


Update: I realized she and I were both confused. I think the coupon probably stated a free "The Original" and I thought it said it was for any small sandwich. She probably thought I wanted that, AND the turkey bacon, and all the other stuff. She charged me for both sandwiches and voided the chips and drink, so mystery solved.

Update again: Actually she was supposed to have voided one of the sandwiches, not the drink and chips. Hmm...