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I have an extremely pokey 6 month old kitten named Gordon. Friday, he kept attacking our 8 year old, Tommy. He was a total jerk. So I ordered a set of green SoftPaws.
My daughter and I stuck them on him this afternoon. Man, was I glad I ordered clippers too. I hadn't really looked at his claws, but they were really long.

So here he is with his new nails.


and here he is tasting them, trying to figure out what I put on his paws.

And here he is trying to chew them off.


He was unsuccessful in his attempt. I tired him out with a feather toy. I know I'll have to order mediums instead of small if we do it again. I think we will all appreciate the break from kitten claws.

Edit - I just want to say that Tommy is the other cat, not a kid.

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