I have an update to this post:

Okay, there is no actual sewing in this post, but I found the LoriAnn Patterns.

Yesterday, our front door knob broke. We live in a mobile home, so we can’t just pick up one that fits at Hone Depot. There is a Mobile home supply place, but it’s about an hour away.

I worked almost 6 hours and then, at lunch, I drove over. About halfway there is a P.F. Changs and a craft store. I stopped for lunch. First, my waiter passes on his way to take a table drinks and WINKED at me when he said he’d be right back. I told him everything I wanted when he came back and he called me “love.” One more wink and I was going to jab him with my fork. My brother in law says he waited on them a few months ago and he agreed the guy is a big douche-bro. (Also, spell check gave me the correct spelling of douche-bro.)

I went to the craft store because I’m having trouble finishing the current complicated skirt and thought I might whip out a plain black one. I looked for the new LoriAnn Simplicity patterns and found nothing. I was sad because I know there are some out there.


I went and bought a new door knob and dead bolt for the front door. Google maps showed me parts of town I have never seen and will probably never see again. It also showed me where 2 fabric stores were pretty close to where I was. They were in the same shopping center. Neither had the patterns.

I broke down and went to Hobby Lobby because several people had said they found them there and I didn’t want to wait. They had just put them into the drawer. I grabbed my size and checked out. I was ready to feel all guilty at buying things at Hobby Lobby, but they rang up for $.99. Apparently all Simplicity Patterns are on sale, but there were no signs. It is on the sale sheet. They have to be losing money if I just go buy patterns, right?


So far I have one person on FB asking for me to make him a Dalek dress for Halloween.

I perfer the way I make circle skirts, but I’m going to see if I have enough Van Goth fabric to make a bustle to match my skirt. And I’m going to have to borrow my mom’s bias tape maker.