I’ve actually known this for a week or two—about the baby, not the author privileges—because Mom-to-be told Facebook before they told my side of the family.

Yes. Really. They did that. I know.

Now my Mom knows too and I was excited to talk to her about it. This was our conversation:

MOM “I just don’t get it. What is she thinking?”

ME “That she wants a baby?”

MOM “With him? He’s a giant kid. He keeps hurting himself playing sports. He owns speakers that are larger than him.”

ME “Well she’s not marrying him or buying a house with him at the moment. She’s dating and co-parenting with him. If she is less worried about long-term marriage bliss and more worried about a long-term solid co-parent, Bro is a really good bet. He’s got a house and a union job and he’s gonna take being a dad very seriously.”

MOM “I guess that could be it... So many of your generation is from broken homes. I just can’t imagine what she’s thinking.”

ME “I imagine she’s thinking ‘I’m gonna have a baby’. They have been dating for two years. And she dislocated her shoulder last year on a snowmobile remember? She’s no slouch.”


MOM “She just seems so young. He’s 33.”

ME “Facebook says she’s 28.”

My rock-solid, sharp as tacks Mom is one of the greatest blessings in my life and I’m just a bit... surprised. She’s usually such a pragmatic, loving, different-strokes-for-different-folks sort of person, and I feel a bit bad for my brother who probably had to deal with a lukewarm reception from her. It is entirely his own damn fault because the poor Mom-to-be assumed my Mom had already been told, and just started a conversation with “When the baby comes…”


Also, that was the first time they had met.

Now that I’m typing this out, maybe I’m not being sensitive enough to my Mom.

I knew she’d be ticked (totally fair reaction to the bungled handling of it all!) but I also thought she’d get over it pretty fast and have a laugh about it. Bro is a good guy who has always been inept at this sort of thing and Mom-to-be is a near stranger who deserves the benefit of the doubt. Mom seemed a bit less upset after our conversation, but I wish I could I help her come around to being as happy a first-time Grandma as I know she wants in her heart to be. I’m gonna call her again tomorrow and try to be the pragmatic, loving, different-stroke-for-different-folks example she’s always been for me. Not sure there is anything else to do.


(And thanks so much for letting me be an author here Mods! So excited.)

(And I’m gonna rock this Auntie thing so hard! I’ve only met the Mom-to-be twice before, but I’m trolling her Facebook page now for common interests so I can make a proper fandom themed baby quilt! Yay!)