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I Have Become One with My Bed

I am ensconced in my bed, alternating episodes of Scandal season 2 and West Wing season 1. I have eaten 3 cups of chicken ramen and am contemplating going for my third.

I just remembered I have a chocolate bar (Mr. Big, FTW) left in my purse.

I got refill syrups for my soda stream.

I am being reminded every second hour on the practically illegal cuteness of Joshua Malina, and am sad it will be a while before he shows up on the West Wing.


I am realizing that all this emphasis on the American executive branch is probably going to push out whatever knowledge I have remaining on the Canadian political system. I have made peace with this.

I am contemplating what props and funny hats to give my action figures now that I have a new pack of construction paper and markers to play with.

I'm going to go make that third cup of ramen now.

Enjoy some Joshua Malina.


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