take it away, exasperated Ewan!

the work is just generally starting to grate on me. I have caught myself daydreaming of working at that twee cupcakery or that hipster bar (so many tattooed people everywhere! I want to become one of them.) It's probably because this is the longest I have worked at one place. When I started I was all 'sweet deal! Gonna keep this foreva!', now I cant wait for my contract to end in two years time...

What I specifically want to whine about is all the little things my family does wrong and the things I hate about this flat and OMG I have to move out. The dishwasher, the laundry, mother's bad cooking, the fact my brother prefers her murdered pasta over mine, the garbage can, the toilet bowl, the shower, THE FLIPPIN' CHURCH WITH ITS FRICKIN' BELLS!

So.. please use this opportunity to whine and bitch in the comments! It's good for your mental well being.