Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

That no matter who I meet, as long as they live in NYC, they will know someone that I know. It's inevitable.

OKC boy had told me his last name yesterday, and in my head I was like "jeez his name sounds insanely familiar." Then he told me his band's name, and again I was all "I've heard this band's name before. Where the fuck have I heard it?" I was racking my brain all day about this, until something clicked. I googled his band and found a review of it and an interview with him back in 2012. Then I lol'ed, because I had already read this interview and review.


Back when I was the editor of the magazine it ran in. Another editor had covered it, but since I edited the web page at the time, any content had to go through me before being put up on the website.

The web of NYC. It grows larger.

Decent band though, not for nothing.

On a related side note, these were conversations with my bestie yesterday regarding the date:

While shopping:

Bestie: No Fluffybutt, you can't wear a cami on your date. This one has a job. You have to dress like an adult. Preferably one with their tits out.

While sitting in my apartment having a beer:

Bestie: I feel like it would be ideal if you could NOT discuss poop on the first date. I know 99% of our lives revolve around poop, and not always our poop, but like maybe at least wait for the second date.


I love her. Lol.

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