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I have confusion.

So, after missing the initial run of Star Trek: Into Darkness (ugh I was out of town and by the time I got back our six-screen theater had already moved on), I finally caught it at the cheap seats with DudeJeans the other night. My expectations were medium-low but I had a really good time (maybe because my expectations were low?). I am a low-level Trek junkie, so mostly I was annoyed that there seemed to be so much fanservice. But this is not why I am confused. This is:

All questions of race aside — a valid conversation and much more important than what I am about to raise — DudeJeans thinks this man is VERY HANDSOME. I know the whole internet seems to love him (I am biased against because of his snarky comments about Elementary, but I don't think that's coloring my opinion). I do not get the particular appeal of this person. We actually sat in the theater for a few minutes after the credits bickering about whether or not he is marvelously good looking.


I guess DudeJeans and I have very different tastes in men?

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