I survived the 18-hour ride home! Thank you Ira Glass and your fabulous This American Life for getting me through much of the midwest (24 hours at the Golden Apple really was great.) Also, Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me with special guest poet laureate Billy Collins.

And thank you fabulous GTers for helping me get through the panic attacks that always precede the voyages. Lord, panic attacks suck.

Now I am back! I have clipped the kitty nails (after 3 weeks: level ridiculous)

Gone grocery shopping and made scrambled eggs and toast.

Gotten a flu shot and am now slightly nauseous and left arm feels like a bear used it for boxing practice.

Put away some of the clothes! Cleaned and put away a load of dishes. (why is the putting away the hardest part?)

Now I am ready for slacking. I wanted to watch The Big Easy (Dennis Quaid, Ellen Barkin) which has some good sex scenes in it, but it's not streaming anywhere. Dammnit.


What are you all doing?

Edit to add: I downloaded the LOTR trilogy on Itunes. Is there any way to watch this on television if I don't have Apple TV?