Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I Have Done the Deed

And it feels glorious.


So many people have hugged me, listened to me, asked if they could give me recommendations. So many people have asked for last lunches and drinks and to stay in touch. So many people have shown true sadness for me leaving. Not my manager, of course. He hasn’t talked to me in days. But my other manager, the one I thought I couldn’t go to this whole time, has opened up to me and confessed her own frustrations, and we have lunch on Monday to discuss the true root of all these problems away from the office. I will tell her then how the other manager has pitted her against me in private meetings. I will be honest and let her know the exact reasons why I resigned. If I had known I had an ally all this time . . . but I didn’t. And I am very very at peace with leaving. Actually, I’m excited! On to new opportunities!

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