I’ve now cancelled two beauty box subscriptions.

Okay one was more lifestyle/whatever products. Still.

This brings me down to one beauty box sub, one lifestyle sub, and three subs that I skip months more than I take months (Fabletics, GoldenTote, and Julep, if anyone is interested).

I just... I have so much shit you guys. So much. And I’d like to do more substantive posts and stuff on my blog. Let me know if you have ideas btw! I already owe at least one Makeup 101 tutorial in ‘how to put on foundation’ haha. I’d like to also maybe do a haul or something, especially if I go shopping in the next couple of weeks - like ‘Here is some of the new shit you can buy and what I think of it!’. Trying to do this AND holding down a full time job AND having a social life AND a long-distance relationship is hard, yo! I’m very lucky that I have all of these things but hot damn, I need more hours in the day.

For now I guess I’ll get started on planning my attack to use up all (or at least most of) the approximately 84 DIFFERENT black eyeliners I’ve accumulated. Numbers may or may not be scientifically accurate.

If you want to check out said blog it lives over on www.fiftyshadesofcoral.com. Now if I can just figure out how to correctly put my little Wordpress link-bubbles in place so they actually link to my Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler and the Instagram that I really should get but don’t have yet haha!


This has been your inane update about the minutia of my life, I HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT!