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I have fallen in love...with a Makeup Brand

An affordable, drugstore brand from England that creates amazing dupes of high-end brands! Plus, they don't test on animals <3

I was perusing Youtube about a month ago watching beauty videos (as I usually do) when I came across a Youtuber who was doing a haul of of a brand call Makeup Revolution. I watched her video, and I was HOOKED. So that night, at like 2am, groggy with insomnia, I bought ALL THE THINGS (okay not all, but damn close to it). The brand has so many beautiful eyeshadow palettes, and lipsticks, and blushes, and even a really inexpensive setting spray (because no way am I spending almost $40 to replace my Urban Decay spray when it runs out).

Their eyeshadow palettes run for about $7-$9 for almost exact dupes of high-end palettes that cost between $40-$60 dollars. And so far, I find the quality to be the same or even better then the more expensive brands.


The only thing I wasn't too keen on was the Makeup Geek Lipsticks, they are good, but sheer, I'd go with their Velveteen Lip Lacquer or Lip Huggers that are dupes for the Anastasia or Lime Crime Mattes.

I filmed two videos of me opening and trying the different Makeup Revolution products, and posted the first one today.

If you don't want to watch but want to go shop, here is the link! Makeup Revolution

And while I didn't purchase them, they have Candy bar palettes that are dupes for the Too Faced Candy bar pallets, and they have the Iconic Palettes that are dupes for the Lorac Pro Palettes.


Also feel free to ask me about what is dupes for what on the site if you are looking for something in particular (I now know the website like the back of my hand, haha).

TL;DR: I found great new cheap makeup, and I made a video about it.

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