I thought I'd share, since no one's images seem to work as we would like them to.

First off, what happens to images on Kinja is actually explained here. It's especially important to note that you can use HTML tags.


So, how do you prevent your text from wrapping inappropriately? I've managed a clunky solution with a < div > tag surrounding the < img > tag. I'm sure there's got to be a more elegant way to do it, but at least this next science post will be readable! (I needed captions.)

eta: unrelated but "Jon Stewart" favorited a tweet of mine and I am freaking out a little. I specifically did not use hashtags because I do not like being noticed by famous people (except Burt!), but I guess Twitter/interns are smart enough to find this stuff. Oh well, at least I am mostly anonymous on the internet. Jon Stewart probably doesn't even know my Twitter handle and has better things to care about. I feel better now.

ETA: Even better! I have discovered that it's a parody account, which means I can continue to misquote the Daily Show without fear of reprisal! Unless it's a parody account run by Stephen Colbert, but let's not overthink things.


And here we have a handy demonstration of this new technique!