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Welcome To The Bitchery

OMG. I have totally forgotten how to be in the company of men, and I am so freaking cluelessly blunt I can't even believe myself. I went out to a fun event tonight, and ended up talking to a cutie who invited me out for a drink. When we're in the car smoking, I mentioned I'm older than I look, (he's 28) and we start talking about what it means to be in your 40s, which is basically, at this point, you know what works for and you know what doesn't, and you don't waste time on shit that don't work anymore. So we're in the bar talking, and he's cute, but man...a crazy fucking artist, and I'm not feeling it. I mean, he's sweet, but nuuuuts. So he says "Yeah, I think I'm just going to have this drink and head home." So I say "Me too." So a few more minutes pass, we have a funny moment, and I say "Well...I'm going to get going." And he's like "Really? You're leaving me here hanging?" And I say "Yeah, I have to get home - my cat's going in to the vet really early tomorrow (which is the truth.)" And then I realize I'm being rude, and I'm like "oh hell...sorry...let me stay. And he's like "no...no...go on." Very sweet guy. Then he told me I'm really pretty.

I have forgotten that it is POLITE to stay with a nice man who buys you a drink until he is finished. I totally insulted the poor dude, after going into my previous spiel. I mean...he'll be fine...he'll get over it, and I'll see him again, and apologize for being a jerk. BUT JESUS! I NEED A FUCKING REMINDER CLASS! Or at least a good brochure with easy bullet points.

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