It has been a bit stressful over here. My mother and I are facing some big decisions regarding our trip. To take the edge off it, we watched one of the latest episodes of Poirot and ate chocolate. It proved to be surprisingly effective. Still, it can't take the edge off of the crushing realization that there will be no more Poirot mysteries after season 13. Yeah, there are 13 seasons to enjoy, but there is an insurmountable comfort is seeing an episode that you haven't seen and watching the story unfold. Thank god for the Miss Marple mysteries still chugging along. I can't imagine life without ITV specials based on Agatha Christie mysteries.

Speaking of Marple, let me share a fun thought experiment: Miss Marple is behind every murder, and she has other people believe that they killed the victim by way of black magic, for she is the antichirst*. Enjoy!

*But seriously, I love Miss Marple.I also like the idea of her being evil just a smidge more.