Y'all, I am just about raged out.

I got shit on in comments because I asked for a citation/clarification for something. I was on my phone, and as we all know, mobile Kinja-ing sucks like a black hole. So maybe that's on me, fuck it, I don't care. I was mansplained to as well, because apparently I don't watch the news closely enough to know every nuance of every issue that is reported on in the whole fucking world. Too fucking bad. And... I don't really watch the news, so that commenter is on the fucking money right there.

You know why? Because it's exhausting. Rape. Murder. Rape. Murder. Rape. Hurricanes. Rape. Murder. Tornadoes! Rape. Hate Crimes. Murder. Theft. Rape. Hit and run accidents. Murder. Rape. I'm over it. OVER. IT.

I cannot.

Please amuse me with funny, fuzzy, and hilarious things in the comments before I lose my shit completely.