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When you work for yourself you are never not-working.

Whenever I have down-time at my job I'm checking work emails or trying to set something up or bookmarking articles for later or researching classes/other work purchases.


There's constant pressure to promote myself and my projects whenever they come up in conversation. I was on vacation last week and still had to explain to so many adults how to use "The Youtube" so they could watch and promote my webseries (and I WILL spam all of you once it comes out).

I'm fbing and tweeting and instagraming and taking classes and applying to jobs and trying to make time to write. Not even my exercise/beauty routine is purely for myself—staying fit (and getting thin, blech) is pretty much a job requirement.

Also, my posts here would probably be worse if I didn't want to impress you all with my SICK competent (?) writing skillz.

My therapist thinks this is why I'm stressed all the time and procrastinate so much. I gotta set boundaries.


Ok, break time rant is over! Back to work! I've got to edit a voiceover project...with software I've never used before....

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