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I have learned a valuable lesson

Which brings me back to a time not so long ago when my mom gave me advice that I, of course, did not follow.

I was 20 or so and as per usual I got myself involved in some dramatic nonsense. Damned if I even remember what the hell it was, but I'm fairly certain it involved Prince Fluffybutt. I called Mamadukes and told her what happened and her response was:

Go home. Go home, turn your phone off, sit on the couch and do not move or speak to anyone until I get home. Just do nothing. Stop reacting. Whenever you react you make things worse.


And she was right! The whole recent debacle? Mostly resolved because I did what I never do and I just left everyone alone. I pulled an ostrich and stuck my head in the sand and was like "if I can't see me, you can't see me" (yes I know that's not what ostriches actually do but for argument's sake I am going to say it is). And look at that...things are getting better.

And I was just drunkenly thinking last night about my life and all the drama and it's like every single time I just did nothing, things got resolved relatively quickly. Whenever I try to fix things, I make them worse for some reason. I don't mean to make things worse, I genuinely do want to fix them, but I guess I just get so frazzled and reactionary that I make a bigger mess. So weird!

So, yeah. Lesson learned. Next time there's a debacle, I am just going to go home, sit down, turn my phone off and not move. Just sit and wait for it all to blow over.

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