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I have, like, 8 things I want to talk to you guys about

So, can we call this an evening OT?

1. I took a two hour nap today. I never nap because I always wake up feeling worse. But not today!! Today’s nap must be the reason people take naps—it was glorious! Who here is a napper? If I could nap like this regularly, I’d be a 24% more decent human being. :)


2. What are you guys eating for dinner? Last night, I was putting away some groceries and I realized I might have a cheese problem. So, I’m going to have salad and CHEEEESE and bread for dinner. Mostly cheese. Yum!

3. Anyone have any good scary movie/show suggestions? Preferably stuff that’s streaming?

4. Has anyone else started holiday shopping? What are you getting for people? What are you hoping for? Any small businesses you think the rest of us should be supporting while shopping?

5. Has anyone here been watching Good Girls Revolt? I started it the other day but did not get very far at all. What do you think of it?


6. Who’s got fun plans for tonight?

Ok, so it was only 6... ;)

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