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I have lost my damn mind.

First: I'm planning on DIY-ing a pegboard a la Julia Child for our pots and pans. Very exciting.

I'm also going to DIY a magnetic knife strip - no drawer/counter space = knives on the wall in my book...but don't want to do that just for my roommate's shitty knives. One snapped in half while she was cutting some cheese, and I considered using my teeth to "cut" carrots for a roast. (And she wonders why she doesn't cook more often...)


Anyway, I was browsing Amazon to buy a wedding gift for a friend when I came across this:

A set of Global knives for $199.95! It's a steal, considering the big one retails over $100, and the other two around $60-$80 each. My brother has Amazon Prime, which he lets me use, so shipping would be free.

My uncle gave me that mid sized one and the paring knife as a gift* and I am madly, desperately in love with them. They feel right in my hand, if that makes sense - like an extension of my arm. Cutting vegetables was so easy. Onions were less of a nightmare! Peeling apples was fun!


I want these knives SO BADLY, you guise. I'm considering eating nothing but beans and rice for the next few months just so I can justify the expense. I'll be unemployed for at least a month starting in October and still have student loans and other financial obligations. Plus, I already spent a small fortune on furniture and other assorted home goods.

What I want to know is: When did I become the kind of person willing to drop $200 for 3 knives???


I need y'all to, I dunno, strengthen my resolve against getting these or something. I still have bills to pay...

*You may be wondering why, if my uncle gave them to me as a gift, I need to buy them again. It's because he gave them to me while I was living at home, and when I tried to bring them to DC with me after I moved, my dad insisted it wasn't a personal gift but a "family" one and that I had to leave it there. /sigh

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